Since 2008 Logoproject Design has acquired the license for the Romeo Gigli Eyewear brand. From these early beginnings the collaboration has resulted in Italian handmade production and designs that enhance the strong heritage of the brand, while always remaining in harmony with modern high fashion trends and international taste.


Designed to reflect the multi-ethnic vision of the brand, the collection is non-conformist in every aspect, paying true homage to it’s heritage. The layered composition of colours and eccentric shapes translates into a collection reflecting the stylistic evolution of the brand. Each piece respects the Italian heritage of it’s founder by undergoing 48 steps in the handmade manufacturing process. Designed and crafted by experts in the Eyewear arena, the collection is enchanting and sophisticated. Finest materials are used to ensure consistency, quality, and beauty
The final result is an Eyewear collection featuring colours that are perfectly balanced and in harmony, with the eccentricity of each shape coming together in a balanced form creating an unforgettable magic.

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